"Great for contemporary, transitional, commercial and desert type settings"

We display an extensive high quality selection of over 70 types of artificial succulents, in a wide variety of types, structures, colors and sizes (echeveria, sedum, aloe, agave, "hen & chicks", dudleya, aeonium, and kalanchoe--just to name a few).

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You will be amazed by the realism and quality of these artificial succulents! Some of these are shown in the arrangement above. And you can see just a few examples of these individual succulents on our "Stems" page.

Our showroom also has a wide selection of different sansevieria (sometimes called "mother-in-law's tongue" plant), as well as artificial grasses, in a variety styles, colors and sizes.

If larger succulents are required in a planting, there are very realistic aeonium, agave and other artificial succulents that are available in heights up to 4 feet--many of these are increasingly available in UV-protected foliages, so they are suitable for outdoor uses!

There are almost limitless design possibilities using these artificial succulents. Shown below are just a few of the succulent arrangements our designers have created--many more are on display in our showroom.

These artificial succulents and grasses are great for contemporary, transitional and desert-type settings, for commercial lobbies and offices, or where a specific "structural" effect is desired.

Some stunning and unique arrangements using these artificial succulents, created by our designers, are showcased in our Laguna Niguel showroom--and you can see some examples below. Just click on the images to view more detail.

You can also follow our "Succulents" board on Pinterest for some more great ideas for artificial succulent arrangements.

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