Our trees--made using the most realistic foliages

We proudly custom-make many of our silk replica trees--handcrafted on a variety of natural wood trunks. Alternatively, they are crafted on the most realistic replica trunks available (as shown in the above image of one our currently most popular trees--the Fiddle Leaf Fig).

We believe that you will be stunned by the selection of various tree types and heights and the realistic look and feel of the foliages. We can also "customize" a tree to meet most any requirement.

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Each tree or palm is provided in a non-decorative container, suitable for use in the decorative container of your choice.

Click on the images below to get more information on the individual tree or palm category. Or click on the "Read more about Our trees-" bar below for ideas on how to select a tree for a specific use or area. 

Here are some main factors to consider when selecting trees for the room (click on the individual links for more detail):

{slider The theme of the room/house|closed } (e.g., traditional, contemporary, minimalist, etc). This will generally establish the category of tree(s) to consider.

{slider Location of the tree in the room.} This will also determine whether the tree can be "three-sided" (e.g., if it will be placed against a wall or in a corner, where it would be viewed from the front and sides) or needs to be "all-around" (e.g., if it will be viewed from all angles).
{slider Foliage type} (including leaf/frond size and shape. The current trend is to larger, bolder leaves, and more sparse/less dense foliage).
{slider Foliage color} The foliage color typically should not be used as a focal point, but rather should subtlety coordinate with and complement other colors in the room (fabrics, wall colors, artwork, etc.).
{slider Tree "shape"} (e.g., "vase," rounded, columnar/"tower," upright, "weeping," spiral, topiary, etc.).
{slider Trunk style} (e.g., forked, braided, upright, etc.).
{slider Height}Typically the tree should finish at a height of 1'-2' below a typical ceiling height of say 9'. For very tall ceilings (e.g., 20'), trees in the 10'-14' height range could be used. Care should also be taken so that the tree does not finish at a height which is the same as any nearby architectural feature(s) (e.g., tops of windows, doors, soffits, ledges, mantles, etc.). Note: The finished height of a tree can be increased somewhat by raising the tree in its container or by using a raised container such as an urn, if appropriate.
{slider Width} available for the tree.
{slider Fullness} or sparseness of foliage desirable.
{slider What other trees and plants (if any) are in the same room}, or that can be visually connected if in another room? The tree should be complementary and "work with" its "neighbors."{/sliders}

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